Chapel Services for Summer 2017

The ministry of St. Timothy’s includes worship, meditation and study.

All of our worship services this summer will include a reading from one of the treasures of biblical literature: the Gospel of Luke.  In ways as different as the ministers themselves, all sermons this year will be drawn from the Lukan reading for that Sunday.

Beginning in June, our ministers will be following the drama of Jesus’ life as this Gospel writer presents it.  A remarkable thing about the Christian Bible is how distinctive the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) are.  First Christians had the opportunity to create a unified and single portrait of their Lord, but decided against it.  The writers found themselves with simply too much to say – about this man, about God in this man, about this man as God, and about the life-changing impact Christ was having on the writer and on the early church.

Luke presents the story of Jesus in a different and unique fashion, lifting up and emphasizing features the other Gospel writers don’t.  Luke’s Jesus is compassionate, and a friend to outcasts.  He is a storyteller, and the unexcelled master of a new form – the parable.  In dramatic ways, Luke relates Jesus to the history of Israel, to the Scriptures, and to the unfolding of God’s purposes in human history.  Jesus in Luke is the person we have come to know and love – the Savior sent to seek and to save the lost.

So the services this summer provide worshippers with an opportunity to explore Luke’s Gospel in its religious, spiritual and theological depth. Our ministers hope you enjoy this lively choice for St. Timothy’s worship in 2017!

Sunday Services will begin June 4th and conclude with services on August 27th.
Services begin at 11:00am on Sundays.

Rev. Canon Andrew J.W. Mullins

June 4  Most Excellent Theophilus
June 11  Cousins
June 18  Let’s go Fishing

Rev. Don Dempsey

June 25
The Kindness of Strangers
July 2 Our Father…
July 9 The Rich Fool
July 16 Healing on the Sabbath
July 23 Self-examination: A Prelude to Forgiveness

Rev. Dr. Wayne G. Boulton

July 30 The Best Little Parable of All
August 6
Seeing St. Timothy’s for the First Time
August 13
August 20
The Value of Tears
August 27
The Empty Tomb