War and the Christian Church

Tribe with Image


In this much-discussed book, the best-selling author of The Perfect Storm and War turns to a new topic: American soldiers after leaving the battle.  Describing the disillusionment many veterans feel on returning home (and siding with them), Junger criticizes modern American society as too individualistic, too materialistic, too self-centered, and too divided.  Coming back from the close-knit experiences of war, it is no wonder that so many American veterans find themselves adrift, disaffected and disengaged – missing any sense of broad communal purpose.  (Does this sound at all familiar?)

The solution, Junger argues, is to return to what he regards as our evolutionary roots in “tribe”…defined as a group of people you would both feed and help defend.  What you would risk dying for – and for whom – is perhaps the most profound question a person can ask, Junger writes.

Is there a group like this in your life?  Should there be a group like this in your life?  Might Tribe be a fundamental challenge for the 21st century church?  Can Christians display a life together at least as compelling as life in foxholes or on war’s frontline?

St. Timothy’s Book Club starts on Thursday, July 27th with the rest of the meeting dates and times yet to be determined.  A resident of Georgetown Lake and a member of the congregation, Stan Bolin (pronounced Boh-leen; 406.563.7612), is available for questions about purchasing the book and about schedule.  The convener will be Wayne Boulton.  All meetings are open to the public.