What is the capacity of the Chapel?
The Chapel can seat up to 150 guests.

What months is the Chapel available for weddings?
The chapel is available for weddings or events from the middle of May until the end of September.

What days and times are the Chapel available for weddings or events?
Weddings can be held any day of the week except Sunday mornings while we are having services and/or when the Chapel hosts St. Timothy’s Summer Music Festival late Sunday afternoons. You can check the calendar for Sundays services dates and times as well as concert dates. The latest a wedding can be held is 6pm so that the caretaker can clean the chapel for the next day.

How do I find out if my date is available?
Check the online calendar regarding events at St. Timothy’s Chapel. Book early and have alternative dates. Reservations are not confirmed until we receive the signed contract and the $500 rental fee. To confirm your date, contact us by email at info@sttimothyschapel.org.

How do I book/rent the Chapel?
Check date availability online on the chapel calendar, download and sign a contract, pay the $500 rental fee. The rental fee must be received within 30 days of reservation in order to hold your reservation and avoid cancellation.

How much do you charge to rent the Chapel?

How much time is included in the rental?
Rental fee covers 3 hours, (1 ½ hours prior and 1 ½ hours after the stated wedding time)ie if the wedding time is 3:00pm the chapel would be available from 1:30pm until 4:30pm.

What if I need more than 3 hours?
Additional fees will be required if more time is needed. Additional time may be subject to other scheduled weddings and must be approved by the chapel administrative committee at the time the contract is submitted.

What method of payment is accepted?
The Chapel accepts PayPal, personal check, money order, certified check, or cash. The PayPal button can be accessed by clicking here.

What equipment does the Chapel provide?
There is an organ (Rogers 645) and a grand piano for use. The Chapel does have a sound system; however, use of the chapel sound system equipment beyond the standard pulpit, lectern microphones and the hand-held microphone will require and additional payment of $25.

What type of officiant does the Chapel require.
Christian clergypersons must perform all ceremonies at St. Timothy’s Chapel. The clergyperson must be cleared by the administrative committee 60 days prior to the wedding after the fee has been paid. St. Timothy’s would be happy to provide a list of clergy and organists.

Is there any restriction on alcohol or smoking?
No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed on the chapel grounds. The only exception is sacrificial alcohol used in religious ceremonies.

What is the policy regarding wedding rehearsal time?
Your wedding rental includes an additional 1½-hour rehearsal time, arranged on a separate date before the event, depending on previously scheduled events. Arrival and departure times as well as rehearsal arrangements need to be scheduled with the Chapel Event/Wedding Coordinator.

What area is provided for dressing rooms?
Two adjacent (separate) areas are available for the bride and groom.

What is the policy on flower petals, candles, and decorating?
You may use silk flower petals and bubbles, but no birdseed, rice and/or confetti. You may use existing nails over doors, windows, and archways, but no other attachments may be used in the Chapel. Please refrain from using tacks, nails, tape or other adhesive material that might be used to install decorations on woodwork, pews, walls or carpeting. Only a unity candle is permitted

How much of the set up and cleanup is the renter’s responsibility?
Set-up is the responsibility of the couple with the assistance of the caretaker who is on grounds during the rehearsal and wedding. The renters need to take whatever personal decorations and generally clean up what they have brought into the Chapel. The caretaker is in charge of the rest of the cleanup.

Is the building air-conditioned?
There is no air conditioning system, a comfortable temperature is maintained during summer months with open windows, fans, and natural circulation of air. The chapel has a heating system.

How about parking?
We have not experienced a parking problem.

When is the Chapel open?
The Chapel is open 9:00 am until dusk, daily June through August, or by appointment.

Is there a damage deposit?
The chapel does not require a damage deposit however the renter will be billed for any damage occurring during the rental period.

What if I need to cancel my contract with the Chapel?
If the wedding is cancelled more than 60 days before the date, one half of the deposit will be returned. Weddings or events cancelled within 60 days of the event, the rental fee will be forfeited.